FireGPG discontinued

June 7, 2010 – 7:47 am by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

Today I released the version 0.8 of FireGPG. I removed Gmail support and since I don’t have anymore time to work on FireGPG I put it officially in ‘discontinued’ state.

I updated locates with latest translations and every other features of FireGPG (eg.inline features, key management) will still work.

Gmail support was too hackish and I’m not using Gmail for a long time, so… I’m tired of constantly adapt FireGPG for Gmail’s update, getting mail and mail about the same problem. Sorry.

FireGPG was my first released-and-used project with more than 555000 installations since version 0.4.5 and ~30′000 regular users (who update the extension). A lot of work has been spend on it and the project is now more than 3 years old. That great :)

Thanks everyone for bugs reports, features suggestions, patches, donations and.. using it (”.)

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  2. Hey,

    sorry to hear that. You did a great job so far. Guess it’s time to switch away from webinterfaces back to email clients with gpg support.

    Thanks for you time and hard work!

    By Florian S. on Jun 7, 2010

  3. Sad to see it go, I loved FireGPG despite its bugs.

    By Nick Wilkie on Jun 7, 2010

  4. Thanks a lot, works fine for me.
    Sorry to hear discontinue.

    By Jens on Jun 7, 2010

  5. We will miss this plugin. It eased my life a lot.
    It is a pity.

    By sKUrZ0 on Jun 7, 2010

  6. firegpg is one of 5 musthave-ff-plugins for me. so im also very sorry to hear it will not activly developed further.

    anyway thx for the great job you did so far!

    By Patrick on Jun 7, 2010

  7. Sorry to hear about that. What are you doing for a living? Perhaps firegpg development could be part of you day job…

    I know of some companies who will miss this tool.

    By Anonymous Coward on Jun 7, 2010

  8. So sad but thanks for all your hard work. It was such a great tool for me

    By vierito5 on Jun 7, 2010

  9. That’s such a shame, as it’s an awesome addon. I wish I had the programming expertise to carry on developing this program.

    By Dennis on Jun 7, 2010

  10. Thanks for your hard work and good luck with your future projects!

    By Hans on Jun 7, 2010

  11. Many thanks for FireGPG. It was very good indeed for me, as a Gmail user, and I’m sorry to see it go.


    By Dominik on Jun 7, 2010

  12. A sad news indeed.

    Firegpg is a critical piece on internet infrastructure right now, so we must find the way to keep it going.

    Anyways, a million thanx and love to The_glu for your work… you rock the world!

    By caedes on Jun 7, 2010

  13. I’m very sad to see this go, I guess I will need to carry my netbook more often with Thunderbird and enigmail.

    It’s been a good run, I too hated the constant gmail changes but it was still somewhat useful at times. Well At least I still use it to sign texts.

    By Casey on Jun 7, 2010

  14. I have Open Source projects available at Internet. I know the problems and difficulties to make it. So, I understand your decision and would like to say thanks a lot for your nice work.

    Good lucky!


    Eriberto – Brazil

    By Eriberto Mota on Jun 7, 2010

  15. Hey, did you consider giving Flattr a shot? I am pretty sure a good bunch of peaople would be willing to throw money into the right direction.


    By jsilence on Jun 7, 2010

  16. I just installed firegpg a week ago, but i’d like to thank you for donating your time and devoloping firegpg:-)

    By tim on Jun 7, 2010

  17. Hey, you did a great job so far, i’m pretty sad to learn this but we can’t really ask you more than all that years, so, thank you very much for all the great job guy !!

    By DTH on Jun 7, 2010

  18. So long and thanks for all the fish!
    FireGPG was one of the must-have plugins for firefox. Hope someone else steps up and continues it…

    thanks for all your hard work

    By kargig on Jun 7, 2010

  19. Thanks for your hard work on this awesome add-on. FireGPG is great. Hope more people help to improve this tool.

    By Jim on Jun 7, 2010

  20. thanks

    By joke on Jun 7, 2010

  21. That’s sad. I loved firegpg, even though it was somewhat hard to compile its support library on FreeBSD.

    By Farid H. on Jun 7, 2010

  22. thanks a lot for your work.

    By Andrew on Jun 7, 2010

  23. So long and thanks for all the fish…

    It was a really nice plugin…I hope GMAIL can “copy” this idea in its Labs…


    By Andres on Jun 7, 2010

  24. Sorry to hear that. Good luck.

    By Zane on Jun 7, 2010

  25. Sorry to see this, on behalf of all the users at LINX I’d like to thank you for your efforts. FireGPG has and will continue to be, at least for a while, one of those tools that we just love to have to hand.

    By Hugh Spencer on Jun 7, 2010

  26. This is very sad news. Many privacy conscious people never use Gmail and so dropping support for it is no big deal. But dropping the whole project will be lamented by many. Is there no way of carrying on the project but without Gmail support?

    This really is/was an exciting and important extension for Firefox, is there anyway we can change your mind?

    By Jake Mango on Jun 7, 2010

  27. good luck andf thanks for your job.

    Firegpg has been a must have for years.

    By David on Jun 8, 2010

  28. Firegpg is (and was) great.

    By d9ping on Jun 8, 2010

  29. Thanks for your efforts, your extension makes GPG much more accessible and usable and that should not be underestimated. If you every rethink your decision to discontinue it I would suggest losing the gmail functionality altogether and focus on the other functions you can maintain control over.

    By Frank on Jun 8, 2010

  30. Nice work but s to hear that it is being discontinued. Will this be fate of every open source software project? I had been promoting various open-source software but getting stressed after hearing the discontinuity news. Let’s see how things evolve over time.

    Many thanks to you for such a wonderful work. Well done !!!

    By Rajeev Yadav on Jun 8, 2010

  31. :’(

    By modchan on Jun 8, 2010

  32. Sorry to hear that, hope in near future you get back on the developing or anyone else do it :)

    Maybe with this loss someone will get your work and make it better. That’s the best part of being an Open Source Software.

    Proudly User of FireGPG since 2007-8. Hope you get all the things you want in your life, and hope I get those for me 2.

    A big thank you for the efforts you have maded on this project and i really, sincerely hope you get back on it in near future! :) )

    By SGeK on Jun 8, 2010

  33. Well, I’m also another user who liked it although the small problems it had, so all I can say is thank you for the time you spent on this project. All I hope is that somebody may retake it later as that’s the good thing of Free Software.

    By klondike on Jun 8, 2010

  34. Thanks for your work, fantastic plugin and sad to hear its discontinued!

    By kailden on Jun 8, 2010

  35. I completely understand that you and FireGPG have gone separate ways.

    Sorry to hear it, but such is life.

    Thank you for your work, and for the fact that FireGPG filled a niche that I will miss. Maybe the next person to write such an application can begin where you left off, rather than starting from scratch.

    Like others here, it worked for me. Thank you again.

    By Bob_Robertson on Jun 8, 2010

  36. Really sorry to hear this I really loved FireGPG and have used it since day one. I really wish you would have continued to support it but as your time is not free, as no ones is I understand. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this software over the years. I would have loved if you continued supporting it just without the gmail function all together, as in my opinion all the most users don’t use gmail anyway. Regardless thanks again, your work didn’t go un-appreciated. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.


    By Bajing on Jun 8, 2010

  37. Merci beaucoup pour tout ce remarquable travail :-)

    By Momizu on Jun 8, 2010

  38. Thanks for your time developing this plugin.
    If you change your mind and decide to raise some money to continue the development i’ll surely offer you a couple of beers..

    Maybe without the tiring gmail support (if they want to keep the users on the site they should pay you..)

    By roby on Jun 8, 2010

  39. Thanks for your efforts in developing the plugin. Sorry to see the gmail support go but I think everyone understands the amount of effort required to keep updates going for them far exceeds the resources you have.

    take care!

    By Kevin W on Jun 8, 2010

  40. Thanks Maximilien for all the hard work you’ve been doing. FireGPG is important part of our system so I definitely hope someone will pick it up from where you left off. Though I double gmail *unsupport*, I never really used it for that anyway, but I did see how much trouble it was causing to you.


    By Aurimas M on Jun 8, 2010

  41. That’s unfortunate. I was content with the inline GPG processing although Gmail support was nice, got used to not using it as much as just manually encrypting the message. I hope someone can carry on this idea. Any takers?

    By antitree on Jun 8, 2010

  42. Thanks for all the work you did with the plugin. I hope someone picks up where you left off, and that your future projects are fun too!

    By Jonathan A on Jun 8, 2010

  43. Thanks again!

    I didn’t actually use firegpg as much as I would have liked to. I had a lot more ideas for it than I ever had a chance to investigate. I tried briefly to find a not too painful way to use it with Google Wave. However, it turned out to be cumbersome.

    Its too bad, this is exactly the sort of thing that is needed to actually bring security to webmail clients. Its nice that nobody can read your SSL connection but… why should I have to trust my webmail provider with the content of the mail?

    I hope that somebody takes up the torch on this one. Has anyone expressed interest?

    By Steve on Jun 8, 2010

  44. Aww, what?! I just installed this a week ago. Hah. Oh, well. I appreciate the work none the less. Best wishes.

    By just b on Jun 8, 2010

  45. I hope the project be reborn again. thank’s for the great job.!

    By cheluskis on Jun 9, 2010

  46. I’ve just reinstalled FF. I’ve been with Chrome since the first beta but now it’s time to come home… Anyway.. Once FF was installed the first addon I went looking for is Firegpg. You have done an amazing job! i know that we won’t see an other addon like yours anytime soon.

    Thank you!

    By Pnocturne on Jun 9, 2010

  47. I’m very sorry for that.
    Good luck

    By Alex on Jun 9, 2010

  48. Today when firefox told me about a new update in firegpg, I´ve got excited. But now it´s sad to know it was discontinued. Considering the number of comments there´s no need to say how important this add-on is. Thank you for the amazing job !!

    By Felipe on Jun 9, 2010

  49. :-(

    I used FireGPG but never with Gmail. Sad to see it go.
    Thank you for you hard work.

    By Mark on Jun 9, 2010

  50. Gmail support I think is unnecessary since theres other ways to do it, but I think FireGPG is a real good contribution to the world. Perhaps it could be open sourced or something?

    By John Smith on Jun 10, 2010

  51. Like everyone here, I am sorry to see FireGPG end. I only recently discovered it, and was delighted that GPG capability could be so effectively brought into webmail interfaces.

    Thank you for the time you’ve given to develop and freely distribute this wonderful tool. I do hope that you come back to it, or at least that someone picks up your work and continues it.

    By Scott on Jun 10, 2010

  52. Thanks for all of your hard work, FireGPG will be sorely missed.

    By andy on Jun 10, 2010

  53. Yet another user very sorry to see this go. I have yet to encrypt or sign a single email exchanged with another user, but I had hoped that I had found the right tool to start introducing the concepts to my friends and family.

    Thanks again for all your work. Perhaps someone can keep it going on Google Code or Sourceforge.

    By Steve on Jun 10, 2010

  54. OMG this is such a huge loss to the community. I cant express how thankful I was for this being developed and now I’m so sad to see it die. This was the one unifying interface for PGP across all three platforms. Ugh!!! Someone please pick this up and bring it back to life! Drop gmail and just stick to the standard inline stuff. Shoot, even just using the editor is fine because of the cross platform-ness!

    By Julian Tosh on Jun 11, 2010

  55. Still love this tool, despite the discontinuation!

    Thanks for your hard work, it was well worth it!

    By Peter Peerdeman on Jun 11, 2010

  56. I have been meaning to take a look into using FireGPG with foswiki to provide an integrated way to secure shared secrets – and like others, never managed to make time.

    in case the project goes the way of others I meant to spend time on, I’ve imported it to github:

    fork away?


    By Sven Dowideit on Jun 13, 2010

  57. This sure is a bad news, this piece of sotware was a must and was really usefull for who wanted to protect its privacy. Question then now is who’s willing to maintain it?

    By tata on Jun 13, 2010

  58. Saaay, could I take over administration? I’m not a java expert, but maybe I can put it on sourceforge and have everyone help.

    By ipatrol on Jun 13, 2010

  59. Remove my earliewr comment, I see the github project

    By ipatrol on Jun 13, 2010

  60. Your work is appreciated! Good luck and prosperity.

    By Boris DeLaine on Jun 13, 2010

  61. Sorry to see it go. Here’s hoping that someone in the community will pickup the project and carry the torch.

    By Warezjoe on Jun 16, 2010

  62. thanks for your work – always loved to read about the progress. i guess your english improved a lot throughout the process ;)

    keep up your good work! flow

    By flow on Jun 17, 2010

  63. Yet another user very sorry to see this go.I understand there has to be balance in life, and devoting time and energy has to show a return on the investment made. May I wish you all the best going forward, and looking to see what else you craft over time.

    By Abe A. on Jun 17, 2010

  64. A lot of thanks for all of this time!!!!
    Great Job

    By Jose on Jun 18, 2010

    Hash: SHA512

    I never used it with Gmail (i rather a full blown email client like Thunderbird), but i do use PGP on the web, i’m sad to see this extension go :(

    Version: GnuPG v2.0.14 (MingW32)
    Comment: Use GnuPG with Firefox : (Version: 0.8)


    By Tiago on Jun 24, 2010

  66. Hy dude,

    I really sorry about this news. I like this project and use it everyday.

    But I thanks you by you had lead this project by your limit.

    Congratulations and I hope someday you can continue it again.

    By Welington on Jun 25, 2010

  67. I am so sorry to hear FireGPG is discontinued. I am so thankful for your great job. A must to have ! If that is life I still hope there will be the chance to see you handling it again and continue..(forget Gmail). Thanks again for your work.

    By Andreas on Jun 29, 2010

  68. Excellent work to date on this extension – it is indeed a pity that life has to intercede. It’s tough with open source projects though. This truly is one of the better Firefox extensions to surface as there’s so little in the web-based email PGP arena. We recommended this plug in for use in many of our tunnel and proxy products.

    Thank you Sven for importing this into github – I’ll bet we could get some community development support for this. We might even be able to sponsor it’s development to some degree.

    Congrats again on the success thus far and good luck with your new endeavors.

    By Lockfox on Jul 2, 2010

  69. Thanks for your hard work.

    By Peter Burkholder on Jul 8, 2010

  70. Thanks for all your great work!
    It has been of great value for me to contact people in a very private way.

    I’m really sorry that you cannot continue.


    By caroline on Jul 9, 2010

  71. First, thanks for all the hard work. I used FireGPG when it first came out for INLINE encryption successfully not only with GMail but also with Yahoo & HotMail successfully. INLINE only was not the problem many think it was – GPGOL also does only INLINE and Thunderbird + Enigmail can handle it. Signing was always a problem no matter what webmail service was being used. That was not your fault – the webmail kept putting in specious characters into the message AFTER the signing was done. The webmail interfaces also did it after encryption some of the time but signing was impossible because they always threw in those extra characters. I tried telling others that at the start of the FireGPG project but my message probably got lost in all of the excitement. But as long as you just used the main FireGPG controls and ignored what they kept changing in GMail it worked to send INLINE encrypted messages unless the web-mail inserted characters fouled up the decryption (usually they didn’t). I never did use the FireGPG controls you built into GMail itself since keeping track of those which were always changing and the ones I used for HotMail & Yahoo required too much effort. So I just used the same generic controls you provided for all of the WebMail services. Thanks for all the hard work.

    By Henry Hertz Hobbit on Jul 10, 2010

  72. Many thanks for FireGPG.

    By H3nrique on Jul 11, 2010

  73. Sorry for hear that. Could you publish all the sources code in SF, Launchpad, or somewhere else where someones find a way to give it continuity.

    By Braiam on Jul 11, 2010

  74. I totally understand your frustration. Seems a better plan is to forget about the Gmails, hotmails, etc and instead to simply focus on supporting a few email providers like “” that won’t constantly “evolve” and would work you alot less.

    I really believe the sort of person who uses FireGPG would rather not be on Gmail anyway, they just don’t know any better! Maybe just support what you support and if people are too hard headed to dump Gmail, don’t worry about them.


    By Jim on Jul 12, 2010

  75. I also thank you very much (and expressed that earlier also with donation).

    What is now the path?
    Somebody actively took over yet? Or is there an alternative somebody switched to?

    I have seen that there are two related github sites:
    (this is the one you mentioned)

    not sure what is most applicable.

    By Martin Wildam on Jul 13, 2010

  76. Let this be a lesson to those of us who use great programs like FireGPG and think, “I don’t need to donate. It works great as it is without my money.” It may then, but it won’t CONTINUE to. I’m willing to bet a large majority of the folks lamenting its discontinuation on this page didn’t donate to help keep the tool they loved so much going. I know I didn’t…and frankly I’m ashamed. FireGPG’s discontinuation has put a serious dent in the way I use Gmail. I wish I would have given to its cause…

    By Anonymous Coward on Jul 14, 2010

  77. FireGPG is an excellent plugin that makes GPG so much more accessible to users. I can see a not too distant future when it becomes a standard browser feature.

    May you name blaze in glory for your work!

    By andrewmuck on Jul 16, 2010

  78. Thank you for a GREAT FF extension and all the time and work you spent in the development.

    And double thanks for your kindness in letting your fans know that you cannot carry on development. There are many software developers who are not so caring as you and leave their users wondering the dark..

    All the best

    By vava on Jul 17, 2010

  79. Bummer.

    I only recently learned about FireGPG and was looking forward to using it. We desperately need a way to work with strong encryption in web space beyond just the “cathedral” style of the current PKI suite of functions and key sets.

    By Sir Santa VM Cowboy on Jul 18, 2010

  80. I am like many others are saddened by the new i have tried to get it from git but cant why not use sourceforge In stead as users who are not developers can access it

    By Glen Turnbull on Jul 20, 2010

  81. Too bad to see it go, realy made life easier.
    Thanks for all the work!

    By KwukDuck on Jul 30, 2010

  82. too bad, i prefer using this stuff than enigmail on thunderbird.

    Thank’s for all your great work!

    By t0m on Jul 30, 2010

  83. I have really enjoyed using Firegpg. I hate to see it go and mostly I hate to see your hard work passed by. If you have any other projects let me know and I will try to assist you anyway I can. Thanks.

    By David Britt on Aug 3, 2010

  84. I loved FireGPG.

    It’d be okay to drop Gmail support. As has been said above, many privacy minded people don’t use gmail anyway or can switch to a different service. But dropping the entire plugin is a shame. IMO, this is one of the top 3 best firefox plugins (Yslow & firebug being the others)!

    By Rich on Aug 5, 2010

  85. It was a great plugin! Please contact me, if any financial or technical help is needed.

    By Alex (Rechenzentrum München / Datacenter Munich) on Aug 18, 2010

  86. Hello Maximilien!

    I would love to talk with you about taking over as the projects
    maintainer. Email white . armor @ gmail . com

    Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


    By Jordan on Aug 24, 2010

  87. Could somebody take this project ? It is most useful to ensure privacy. I would appreciate if somebody could continue.

    Le Barde.

    By Le Barde on Aug 31, 2010

  88. So what are the alternatives, huh? Instead, you decided to leave us hanging like that? Thank a lot idiot, I hope someone slap you across your face.

    By DaSolution on Sep 6, 2010

  89. Sad to see it die()..

    By Sepehr Lajevardi on Sep 14, 2010

  90. Puxa…justo agora que eu havia descoberto este add-on!

    Embora não tenha chegado a usar este programa obrigado pelo esforço!

    Tks anyway

    By Victor on Sep 30, 2010

  91. I’d give $30 to have it working with gmail again. Who else is with me on it?

    By j on Oct 16, 2010

  92. Sorry to see it go. The bugs were irrelevant compared to being able to use PGP with webmail.

    By Todd Walsh on Nov 10, 2010

  93. Great job done…
    sorry for the ending…

    By undaverse on Nov 11, 2010

  94. I see a lot of people being sorry about seeing FireGPG go, how about we stop being sorry users and contribute more to the project instead. You don’t want to see it go then contribute to the code!!!!

    By Just ME on Dec 12, 2010

  95. great job…..too bad you quit, expectially if your worked harder because of gmail… sure it s hackish and its stupid to use gmail and wanning it to be secure… every body know gmail its google and it mean now safe !!! stop working on gmail and please keep on your project…….
    come on …. security and gmail are not compatible
    weak up….

    By ilonna on Jan 1, 2011

  96. It’s the worst news for me.

    Today, the office network is monitored by someone. And, firegpg comes out at my first thought. But, it can not be found in firefox’s plugins.

    What a day!

    By HeartBroken on Jan 14, 2011

  97. Instead of trying to integrate with the GMAIL interface it would better if copy and pasting was automated.

    By jago25_98 at hotmail on Jan 17, 2011

  98. hello sir, its realy a awesome work you ever done. thanks for this lovely services.

    By manu on Feb 4, 2011

  99. Oh noes :( (
    I was so happy to find this, only to discover it was already discontinued. I really need something like the InLine function of this plugin for a website I’m developing. Please, someone, continue to maintain this plugin, it is of great value.

    By Harry on Feb 7, 2011

  100. i need this for a website i was thinking of, if i don’t find something similar i’m developing it :D

    By aza on Feb 14, 2011

  101. I too am terribly saddened to see this one go. I wish there was a place where all of us could go and each contribute a little to have you maintain this program. I am totally at a loss.

    But THANK YOU for your efforts! It is easy to understand how gmail drove you as the developer of this project to the brink, and I’m sorry for my part in that, since my wish would be to keep using the gmail web interface (Its soooo easy!), but also the contradictory desire to start using keys with as many friends as possible….. guess I will have to learn thunderbird!

    By saddened on Feb 24, 2011

  102. I really appreciate the time I had with FireGPG and like everyone else I’m sorry to see it go. Does anybody know of another gmail compatible alternative?

    By Daniel on Mar 23, 2011

  103. God how I miss this. :(

    By Bryn on Apr 1, 2011

  104. Thanks for all the hard work on this plugin!

    I would like to know what the major obstacles were for the Gmail support. Perhaps I will take a look and see if there is some way to make the plugin more impervious to gmail changes.

    By James on May 22, 2011

  105. Any replacement for FireGPG so far, guys?

    By theo on May 26, 2011

  106. I wish someone could go on with this project.
    Anyway, good work!

    By fraujansen on Jul 25, 2011

  107. It is possible to support the development to get the pgp support for gmail back.

    thanks a lot heavy

    By Hrvoje on Jul 28, 2011

  108. thx man!

    i rly love this plugin :-)

    By Netbook Test on Sep 13, 2011

  109. No… Probably gmail won’t copy or support any GPG-initiative, since google want to analyze the stuff you write in your e-mails to give you homing adverts. ;)

    By gurragummisnurra on Sep 15, 2011

  110. Shame to hear about FireGPG.

    Rather than waste all that time and money by letting FireGPG become discontinued, why not have it Open Source and allow people to continue your work?

    By Andy on Dec 27, 2011

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