FireGPG and Firefox 4

April 1, 2011 – 10:22 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]


Unfortunaly, FireGPG won’t work in Firefox 4 because of the missing IPC library. There is no easy way to fix the problem. If you’re able to build a library (please see, feel free to post an howto !


FireGPG discontinued

June 7, 2010 – 7:47 am by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

Today I released the version 0.8 of FireGPG. I removed Gmail support and since I don’t have anymore time to work on FireGPG I put it officially in ‘discontinued’ state.

I updated locates with latest translations and every other features of FireGPG (eg.inline features, key management) will still work.

Gmail support was too hackish and I’m not using Gmail for a long time, so… I’m tired of constantly adapt FireGPG for Gmail’s update, getting mail and mail about the same problem. Sorry.

FireGPG was my first released-and-used project with more than 555000 installations since version 0.4.5 and ~30′000 regular users (who update the extension). A lot of work has been spend on it and the project is now more than 3 years old. That great :)

Thanks everyone for bugs reports, features suggestions, patches, donations and.. using it (”.)

Gmail issues fixed

November 5, 2009 – 9:45 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

Release planned Sunday ;)

Gmails issues fixed !

September 20, 2009 – 4:39 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

Release for the 26. I need beta testers now, contact[at], thanks !

Better Gmail’s support

September 20, 2009 – 3:48 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

I implemented a system who catch errors occurred by FireGPG when he works with gmail. It’s mean that if there is problem with composition window, another features can still working.

A message is showed about the problem and I created a status page to inform about the gmail status (not online yet).

I hope this will help gmail’s integration ;)


Gmails issues seem to be solved

July 30, 2009 – 5:12 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

Great, it’s seem Gmail issues for some accounts are dues to the cache of Gmail’s server.

If 0.7.8 works, keep it, if not, use 0.7.7, and if 0.7.7 doesn’t works, use 0.7.8.

If 0.7.7 AND 0.7.8 doesn’t works, please complain !

Update :

Gmails issues are not solved. A new version will come asap.

0.7.8 released but..

July 29, 2009 – 7:05 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

It’s seem some accounts dosen’t works with 0.7.8 too. I will wait a few days and check again, maybe not every gmail server has migrated. I’m sorry for issues but I can’t do a lot of things…

Gmail support is broken…

July 28, 2009 – 11:28 am by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

Release asap..


July 19, 2009 – 10:38 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

I created an account to reply to someone, but I think I will post news on it too ;)

Inline create problems on a page or you want to activate it just for a site ?

July 16, 2009 – 9:03 pm by Maximilien Cuony [The_glu]

Well, next release will include a solution for this :]