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FireGPG and Firefox 4

Hello, Unfortunaly, FireGPG won’t work in Firefox 4 because of the missing IPC library. There is no easy way to fix the problem. If you’re able to build a library (please see, feel free to post an howto ! Bests, Comments Yes, I represent a community that would be willing to fund continued development of this tool. I certainly hope that this project was not discontinued because of political or corporate pressure. Read more →

FireGPG discontinued

Today I released the version 0.8 of FireGPG. I removed Gmail support and since I don’t have anymore time to work on FireGPG I put it officially in ‘discontinued’ state. I updated locates with latest translations and every other features of FireGPG (eg.inline features, key management) will still work. Gmail support was too hackish and I’m not using Gmail for a long time, so… I’m tired of constantly adapt FireGPG for Gmail’s update, getting mail and mail about the same problem. Read more →

Gmail issues fixed

Release planned Sunday ;) Comments For me, FireGPG is simply AWESOME! Unfortunately, it is “half broken” with Firefox 3.6.3 (German language). I can decrypt messages like I was used to but whenever I try to compose a message, I receive the small red ribbon stating something seems to be broken. Error is: checkDock/compose chrome://firegpg/content/Webmails/Gmail/cgmail2.js 669 children[0] is undefined checkDock/compose chrome://firegpg/content/Webmails/Gmail/cgmail2.js 669 children[0] is undefined I tried to deactivate Google Labs, deactivated ALL extensions (except FireGPG) but still no luck. Read more →

Gmails issues fixed !

Release for the 26. I need beta testers now, contact[at], thanks ! Comments I’m in too. Please send me the beta. Sean Conley, 2009-10-29 00:31:53 I installed FireGP today (Oct 24), and I still get the gmail compose mail error. IF you still need beta tester, I am in, ciao VDL vdl, 2009-10-24 21:28:53 Yep I have already fixed the problem but I need to fix some problem before make a new release. Read more →

Better Gmail’s support

I implemented a system who catch errors occurred by FireGPG when he works with gmail. It’s mean that if there is problem with composition window, another features can still working. A message is showed about the problem and I created a status page to inform about the gmail status (not online yet). I hope this will help gmail’s integration ;) Comments i post here because the bug reporting site is closed: is it possible to shorten the “Signed mail” message under the signed mails? Read more →