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Gmails issues seem to be solved

Great, it’s seem Gmail issues for some accounts are dues to the cache of Gmail’s server. If 0.7.8 works, keep it, if not, use 0.7.7, and if 0.7.7 doesn’t works, use 0.7.8. If 0.7.7 AND 0.7.8 doesn’t works, please complain ! Update** :****** Gmails issues are not solved. A new version will come asap. Comments Max We love you bro! Keep up the good work! I will be patient until FireGPG + GMail work again! Read more →

0.7.8 released but..

It’s seem some accounts dosen’t works with 0.7.8 too. I will wait a few days and check again, maybe not every gmail server has migrated. I’m sorry for issues but I can’t do a lot of things… Comments using firefox 3.0, i see the same message reported by bugsbunny. It suggests that the error is at line 69, column 5, which (confusingly) is the first open-angle-bracket on the doc2 line. Read more →


I created an account to reply to someone, but I think I will post news on it too ;) Read more →