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Work on files including downloaded files

Btw I finished the assistant, except translations, nothing new except a gmail’s smtp server access check and a way to set some options :] Comments Very cool. Hash stuff built right into the browser is great. webfork, 2009-08-19 01:28:33 Read more →

Svn repository moved !

Please use svn co svn:// to get sources now. This command MAY works if you doesn’t wants to download everything : svn switch –relocate svn:// Read more →

FireGPG assistant

Because lot of users don’t know what to do after installed FireGPG… Not finished yet, but here is a screenshot : Read more →

Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 is now used as basis browser to develop FireGPG ;) Comments This means that fireGPG will be available soon for FF3.5 right? How long do you expect it to take? FF3.5 is so much faster that I don’t want to work in 3.0 any longer than I absolutely have to! :-) Thanks for the good work! Lifeboy, 2009-07-06 16:05:47 FireGPG is already available for FF3.5 ;) Maximilien Cuony [The_glu] , 2009-07-06 16:45:24 Read more →