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Gmails issues fixed !

Release for the 26. I need beta testers now, contact[at], thanks !


I’m in too. Please send me the beta.

Sean Conley, 2009-10-29 00:31:53

I installed FireGP today (Oct 24), and I still get the gmail compose mail error. IF you still need beta tester, I am in,

ciao VDL

vdl, 2009-10-24 21:28:53

Yep I have already fixed the problem but I need to fix some problem before make a new release. Just wait ;)

Maximilien Cuony [The_glu] , 2009-10-29 09:04:23

I installed version 0.7.9, and I still get that error too. If you need beta tester you can count on me.



Antonio Oliveira, 2009-10-28 17:41:11

I’ve confirmed that the Gmail compose error still exists.

James, 2009-10-28 14:14:28

Waiting for new release :)

Luís Bastião Silva, 2009-11-06 03:07:23